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How does graphic design really affect marketing? What do elements such as “negative space,” and “kerning,” really have to do with marketing whatsoever? Well — Most people believe that graphic design is just something that comes more as an afterthought. In reality, graphic design could make or break your company. Creating a strong brand identity for your company or organization is vital. Take a second and think of some logos you recognize right off the bat without the name of the company directly beside it. HELLO — Starbucks anyone?! What about the McDonald’s arches, or Target? These are just some of the examples of strong brand identity. And believe me when I say it — the design behind these logos was not an afterthought. Here are just a few reasons why taking a stronger initiative for the design of your company would be extremely beneficial:

Visual Language

Graphic design can communicate a visual relationship with your clients and your brand. When you’re looking for organic, non-GMO brands of food in the store — without even realizing it — you’re already looking for certain visual elements that communicate those brand values with you. It only takes just a few seconds for someone to connect with the visual elements of your brand. It’s important that it’s designed well.


Good design has the power to persuade people. Seems a little sketchy I know, and it can be if done with ulterior motives. BUT in this case, it’s a highly effective way to visually communicate with your customers/clients. Your visual aesthetics should match up with your company’s values. Immediately people will either know whether to run towards you or take a few steps back — all based on the design your company is carrying.


Once you have a good design that succeeds at the previous tips mentioned above — consistency is key. Using the same color scheme, linear elements, logo, and format, can create a sense of strong brand development. Also, once you do this your identity will start to become one that is immediately recognized just off of the series of design elements that are effectively used.

Accomplishing all of these things is what will make your company identity strong. Which inevitably will cause your marketing to be much more successful. So if you’ve been one of those people who push the design part of the project, event, or ad, to the last minute — it’s time to rethink that strategy. Good design will make or break a marketing campaign.


It is important to have a designer working with a marketing specialist to collaborate and create a consistent design to coincide with your companies values.

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