[Tutorial ] Create a Seamless Background Pattern in Illustrator | Video

How to Create Seamless Background Pattern in Illustrator: Tutorial


Before we get started, download the file here below.

Seamless Background in Illustrator Tutorial Download


Step 1:


Open your Illustrator file and create the elements for your pattern! For this tutorial we used simple shapes made in illustrator and a blue background. You can choose any solid color background, gradients or other textured backgrounds won’t result in seamless background.


Step 2:


Randomly place your elements around the artboard. Fill in any large gaps on the artboard so the pattern looks more evenly filled. Now, pull some of the elements off the edges of the artboard.


Step 3:


Aligning the elements is extremely important because if the elements aren’t aligned you’ll end up with glitches in your final pattern. We’ll use the artboard width and height to make this exact. If our element is coming off the left side of the artboard, we’ll add the width of the artboard (1080 px) to the x position of the element (-54 px) to get the x position for the new aligning element (1026 px). If you’re starting on the right side of the artboard, you would subtract the artboard width from the x position instead of add. You’ll do the same thing going from top to bottom, except using the height of the artboard and the y position of the element.


Step 4:


After your objects are aligned, create a square that is the same dimensions as your artboard. Arrange this on top of your pattern and use the pathfinder tool to crop the edges. This will leave you with a clean cut square of your pattern.


Step 5:


Grab the square and pull it into the swatches panel. Now you can create any shape that can be filled with your new pattern! Simply create your shape and go to the swatches panel to select your pattern swatch. The shape can be adjusted to any size and the pattern will automatically fill in the space!



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