Technological advancements are continuing to shape the world we live in today more so now than ever. Given the increase in technology usage around the world, web designers have a peculiar relationship with the new progressing technology trends. On one hand, designers may feel as if following these trends limits their ability to reveal their creativity and originality in order to stand out among competitors. On the other hand, catering to potential consumer’s likes and dislikes can be extremely beneficial for a designer. People spend on average less than 10 seconds glancing at a website before they decide to go to the next one, therefore, a website’s visual design will have a crucial impact on the way consumers initially react to a company’s products or services. Ever-changing trends can be difficult to stay up to date with, before you begin incorporating trends into your design, take a look at three popular trends in web design this year in order to increase web traffic.

Flat Design

Flat design is a minimalistic design approach that focuses on grasping the potential consumer’s attention directly through bright colors, clean space, and two-dimensional illustrations. While flat designs are not necessarily be considered a brand new trend, it has paved the way for website design and still remains extremely relevant and favored today for its clean digital aesthetic. The utilization of simple two-dimensional illustrations not only helps consumers understand your website’s overall message in a quicker and more efficient method, but it also allows the designer to focus solely on providing a functional website through easy access and usability on both desktop and mobile devices. While a flat design may seem simple, it can be difficult to convey. However, design sites such as provide viewers with numerous examples of how to build a simple flat design site all while expressing your company’s values to the fullest potential.

An example we love of Flat Design is the site Pixelbin. They combine animations with a bright orange color palette to engage users and employ a simplistic design.

Interactive Features

Designers typically want to produce a website that is memorable and leaves an impression on the site visitors, and this is when interactive features can be the answer. Interactive features allow the consumer to fully engage in your site from the beginning. The features include things such as surveys, live chat, clickable maps, expansive timelines, and interactive photos or videos. More specifically, the interactive photos and videos can be especially effective while browsing products that include multiple features. This allows viewers to see a realistic version of the product by having the opportunity to highlight different areas of the product to understand how these different features work in action. Red Shark Digital specializes in building user-friendly sites that promote interactive and engaging content for all users.

Video Content

RSDtv | Video Web Design Trend | Red Shark Digital

Video content is nothing new, but it works and it immediately connects the user to your company’s team and culture. Videos are used as one of the most powerful tools of communication because it simply gets our attention. Studies have shown that users are more likely to continue browsing on your site after they have watched a video because it encourages them to engage with the site. It not only has the ability to translate your entire message in one short video, but it also simplifies your message in a way most people resonate with. A great way we have incorporated this into our own site is by implementing a video module known as RSDtv. Users are able to see all of our recent Youtube videos and playlists while engaging them with the latest in digital marketing news.

New trends within web design are exciting, but it can be a bit intimidating at first trying to find the perfect balance between your site’s uniqueness and understanding what users enjoy by following the trends. With the help of these top three trends, you can create a site that is not only functional but timely, enjoyable and contextually useful. Red Shark Digital is here to provide every customer with the perfect balance for their site. We are a full-service digital marketing agency located in Greenville, North Carolina that would delightfully turn your vision into a reality.

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