In this day and age, Googling has become the solution for any and everything. Just think about how often you Google something when you need any kind of information. Thousands of webpages are generated within seconds while searching for something on Google. Within those webpages, there are two types of results that are created. One being organic search and the other being paid search. The two varieties of results differ in many ways, therefore it is essential for business owners to know the specific distinctions between the two in order for your website to produce the highest possible web traffic. Don’t worry about Googling the differences between the two just yet. Instead check out this blog by Red Shark Digital on the contrasts and benefits of both organic and paid search. 

Organic Search

Organic search is considered to be the “natural” results that appear under advertisements on the search engine results page. While searching for something, the search engine will analyze all pages across the internet to pull links that are considered to be most relevant to your search. These pages will be inspected for features such as keywords, content, titles, and meta descriptions. Google is extremely particular about their rankings. Therefore, if these features are done efficiently and they evidently rank high for keywords, it indicates that your content is of high quality. In order to cultivate a higher ranking, you need to begin utilizing search engine optimization, more commonly known as SEO. 

Majority of people may not believe that altering small keywords and phrases will result in a large enhancement for their agency. However, while they seem to be minor adjustments, SEO has the potential to make an advertising agency stand out substantially among the rest by placing your site at the top of search results, overall culminating a rise in web traffic. To witness a continuous escalation in web traffic over time, you must maintain a process of uploading new content regularly in order to keep your SEO up to date. If you are looking to update your SEO or personal content, Red Shark Digital specializes in SEO analyzation and has the ability to create original content for your site.

Paid Search

Paid search on the other hand consists of the ads seen at the top of the search engine results page above the organic search pages. Businesses will pay for ads in order for their page to maintain their spot at the top of the page. Building SEO content can be quite lengthy and a labor-intensive process. Therefore, if you don’t have much time, paid search will get your page out there quickly for a small price and your page will immediately be listed at the top of Google. The paid results will typically have a small outlined ‘Ad’ label on the left side of the URL making them easy to spot. Along with visibility, paid search also provides business owners with the opportunity of putting a product or service directly in front of online users with a high purchase intent. If the keywords used in the search are considered to show a desire to purchase and your ad is the first one listed on Google, then the online user’s problem is solved instantly. 

Red Shark Digital

There is no doubt that there are pros and cons to both organic and paid search techniques. Therefore, it is imperative for your business to find a balance between the two. In order to truly optimize your site, your business must always target customers at the top and the bottom of the funnel to fully maximize searches. Integrating both organic and paid strategies into your marketing plan all at once can feel overwhelming. However, it is not impossible, especially while utilizing Red Shark Digital’s variety of services. Contact Red Shark Digital today so you can not only begin ranking higher on search engines, but you can begin surpassing competitors as well.

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