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Bojangles, Tands Inc. is a franchisor of the popular fast food chain Bojangles. The franchise is home to multiple food-service locations throughout Eastern North Carolina and the Greater Richmond Area. The franchise needed a website that effortlessly connected the large network of locations while providing a hub for employment opportunities and area-wide specials.

When creating their web design, we aimed to showcase their down-home cooking and friendly neighborhood atmosphere. By featuring social networks and sponsorship information, we were able to showcase how the franchise impacts their community in other ways besides their food. We also implemented a location lookup feature that allows users to search their location to find the closest restaurant within a certain radius.

Not only did we want to focus on connecting users to the brand, but we wanted to make it easier for the company to provide discounts for their customers and build engagement around upcoming specials. We created a custom coupon generator that allowed the company to easily create custom coupon codes for website visitors as well as advertise upcoming specials.