Colony Tire

An automotive repair company with over 30 retail and commercial locations across North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina. Colony Tire approached us with a site rebuild that would effortlessly integrate their retail site with their commercial sector, Colony Fleet. A uniform design was implemented across both sites, along with lookup functions for specific locations, an in-depth tire finder, and detailed pricing equations.

We created a custom tire lookup module that provides customers with in-stock tires based on a variety of factors such as brand, year, car make, and car model. This allows customers to easily find tires for their car type without searching through tires unrelated to their needs, improving overall user experience.

Due to the mass amount of retail locations, Colony Tire requested that we integrate appointment requests with an exact pricing quote based on a variety of factors. To do this, we created a custom pricing interface that integrates tax codes from multiple states in order to give the client an exact pricing quote for the services requested.