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Dr. Jennifer Ashton

Known for her appearances on Good Morning America and best-selling maternity books and publications, Dr. Jennifer Ashton is a renowned gynecologist dedicated to providing state of the art gynecology care to women of all ages. When starting the redesign process for Dr. Ashton’s website, we were tasked with implementing a modern design that would effortlessly integrate her tv personality with her personal practice. Due to her attributed success in the media, there were high stakes surrounding her rebranding efforts. We had to ensure that the design aligned within her personal brand, as well as working to uphold the standards she has put forth in her career.

For the redesign, we implemented an extensive single page design with multi-page functionality. The simplistic theme allows users to easily find what they are searching for without overcrowding information through unneeded pages. The multi-page functionality helps to improve the overall user experience by providing users with simple access to detailed information straight from the homepage.

Since Dr. Jennifer Ashton has had a very successful media career, we wanted to showcase her media appearances in a simplistic way, while drawing attention to her knowledge and expertise. We implemented multi-page functionality through a media hub on her homepage, that showcases all of her media forms. Users are able to select their requested media and then be presented with different appearances such as TV clips, magazine articles, radio spots, and more. Through our redesign, we were able to fully connect Dr. Ashton’s goals with her intended audience without affecting her brand. Leaving her with a fresh and modern site optimized to reach more clients, as well as help to build her online presence.