Jacksonville Airport

OAJ Ellis Airport is a local airport in Jacksonville, NC. OAJ Ellis Airport provides incoming and outgoing flights to multiple destinations across the country, as well as providing a variety of opportunities for the military professionals in the area. The airport hosts around 500,000 visitors yearly and is constantly growing. The airport is also always working to improve their customer experience and provide a variety of amenities for their customers.

We were approached by the client to implement a redesign that would speak to their professional goals, as well as implementing a variety of features that would simplify the flight booking process for online visitors. We created an Integrative Booking API that allows customers to research upcoming flight and departure dates and browse potential flights to fit within their needs.

Jacksonville, NC is home to multiple military personnel and the military base Camp Lejeune, making military members one of the major user types of the new website. In order to improve user experience for this user type, we implemented specific booking information related to military travel. Here military members can gain access to exclusive information for their branch, as well as special discounts being currently offered.