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Lucas Research

Located in Morehead City, NC, Lucas Research is dedicated to developing and discovering ground-breaking research and medications for those struggling with diabetes, weight loss, and other endocrine diseases. Through their extensive patient research program, they are able to gain valuable information on the diseases at hand, while providing individualized programs to patients.

When working to redesign the center’s new website, we aimed to create an eye-catching and innovative design that would work to complement the informative business needs of the company without a clinical feel. Our design allows the research center to stand out from others in the field by providing a more personal and caring feel from homepage to contact.

Providing a positive patient experience was the overall goal for this redesign. Among efficiently integrating the patient portal within the new site, we also simplified everyday practices such as patient refills and referral forms. This helps to eliminate the hassle of physical office visits while providing patient confidentiality and maintaining online information in a secure online portal.