Red Town Management

Although the company is fairly new, Red Town Management has had over twenty years in the architecture and contracting industry. Because of this, the company was in need of a website that would accurately reflect their years of experience, while speaking to the fresh and innovative goals of the new company.

During a strategy session, our team discovered the company’s target users and needs, as well as the clients upcoming goals for the new company. We then used this information to determine what particular features the website should implement, the experience and journey the user should have, as well as overall design goals. From our session we were able to determine that the business was in need of a website that would portray the solid processes of the contracting industry, while standing out from other companies in the area.

The company specializes in commercial and residential rehab and upfit projects. We aimed to design a simple, yet visually stunning website that allowed the company to feature their past projects in an eye-catching way. Since the company has had an impressive record within the industry, we implemented a portfolio that features all of their previous projects while making it easy to filter based on service type.