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Finding Complements

Complementary colors can be identified using the color wheel. They are directly opposite of each other on the color wheel. Possible combinations include blue and orange, red and green, and yellow and violet. When adjacent, these colors give each other more intensity. Use complementary color combinations from your digital agency Raleigh NC to add more intensity to your designs!

Too Harsh?

Are these color combinations too harsh to use in digital marketing? No, not if it’s done well by a digital agency Raleigh NC! A striking complementary color logo design can be created with these color combinations. The trick is to maintain balance between the two colors. If both colors are used the same amount, the design will likely be too harsh. Pick which color will be dominant, and which one will accent it. If you’re still worried about the design being too harsh, add another accent color.  

Adjusting Colors

Besides the color balance ratio, there are other ways to make the complementary colors appear balanced. Adjusting the saturation and/or the value will take some of the intensity out of the combinations. This could be done by adjusting a red and green combination to a  light green and deep red. Another way for a digital agency Raleigh NC to balance the color combination is to introduce white space into the design. Separating the colors allows you to keep both at a high saturation without appearing too jarring. The colors will still be close enough to intensify each other. 

Color Logo Design

Many companies use a complimentary color logo design. Chili’s uses a red and green complementary color combination in their logo, with red as the dominant color. Fanta is a good example of adding accent colors. They use orange and blue in their color logo design, with accents of green and white. Krispy Kreme is another red and green logo. White space is one of the ways used to balance the Krispy Kreme logo, separating the two complementary colors. 

Red Shark Digital Agency Raleigh NC

Complementary colors are a great way to catch your audience’s attention, and keep it there! The intensity of the colors, however they are adjusted, will make your design stand out. Join these brands in getting your own complementary color logo design. Don’t get overwhelmed with color ratios and saturation levels, you can leave the hard color work up to professionals! No matter what color combination you want, you can find it at Red Shark Digital Agency Raleigh NC.

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