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We Are a Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency

We strive every day to learn more about the evolving world of digital marketing by keeping in-touch with the latest news, greatest technology, and top employees. In our choices for clients, we want to be sure that they are ready for the commitment of learning the Red Shark way. Here's how we can help your business:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Development
  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Creative Work
  • SEO
  • UI/UX
  • A great cup of coffee :)

Mission Statement:
We deploy versatile digital strategies for ambitious organizations to connect and convert their customers.

Our Team

  • Profile photo of Chris Rupp

    Chris Rupp - Founder & CEO

    Chris Rupp

    Founder & CEO

    Chris is well known for his strategic imagination in aligning business goals with creative strategy and has successfully led brand design and marketing strategies for a variety of clients.

  • Profile photo of Jason DeRosier

    Jason DeRosier - CFO

    Jason DeRosier


    As a self built, blue-collar investor, Jason values 3 things overall: family, friendship and hard work. With over 16 years of business experience, the knowledge and wisdom Jason brings to the Red Shark team is immeasurable.

  • Profile photo of Spencer Bunting

    Spencer Bunting - Creative Director

    Spencer Bunting

    Creative Director

    An innovative and passionate creator of world-class UI/UX designs that position your brand in front of the competition. Spencer translates complex ideas into simple solutions that make life better and grow businesses.

  • Profile photo of Hilary Reid

    Hilary Reid - Account Executive

    Hilary Reid

    Account Executive

    Client focused and eager to dive in, Hilary is ready to handle all of your digital marketing needs. From social advertising to website development, Hilary strives to deliver high quality insights to each and every account.

  • Profile photo of Nikolas Kenney

    Nikolas Kenney - Developer

    Nikolas Kenney


    They told me to write a brief description about myself, so here I go. I love programming, so much so that I spent two years teaching myself the craft before getting my big break at Red Shark Digital! I also love all things science with an annoying passion, and talk about the wonders of our cosmos whenever I get the chance, whether or not the person I'm talking to shows any signs of interest in the topic.

  • Profile photo of Travis Jones

    Travis Jones - Digital Campaign Manager

    Travis Jones

    Digital Campaign Manager

    Skillful and strategic in the digital space, Travis works alongside our entire team to develop and implement the best digital solution for each and every client to achieve their business goals.

  • Profile photo of Mike Fenwick

    Mike Fenwick - UI Production

  • Profile photo of Caroline Smith

    Caroline Smith - Graphic Designer

  • Profile photo of Lindsey Justice

    Lindsey Justice - UX Strategy

  • Profile photo of Danielle Sirk

    Danielle Sirk - Digital Marketing Consultant

  • Profile photo of Lincoln

    Lincoln - HR