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Chances are, if you are visiting our website, you already have an idea of what SEO is. SEO is the process of refining your online presence both on-site and off-site to maximize your website’s performance. Thus resulting in higher rankings and increased traffic. After all, organic website traffic has the lowest bounce rate! What does this entail?

The sea of Digital Advertising is a murky one. At times, navigating this sea takes a computer science degree. At Red Shark Digital we create a specific digital campaign for your brand utilizing the most effective and targeted SEM channels including Google, mobile specific, retargeting, display, and social media advertising. Our campaigns successfully put you in front of your audience, above the competition and convert your visitors to customers. Even keeping them engaged with you after they leave your site!

It all starts from the ground up: Mobile. Our Creative team designs the perfect mix of modern and user interface (UI) to create an engaging and lead converting website first on mobile then on desktop. We hire the best and brightest local in-house talents to create and develop intrinsic web solutions. We pride ourselves in extremely light, clean and powerful code that has earned us the trust and reliability we've built in our work over the years.

Videos and Photography help engage your customers and tell a story. Whether you are looking to promote your company through TV commercials or videos to use on your website and ad networks we'll take our expertise to transform your footage into a crystal-clear production. 80% of audiences remember video ads they watched online! Your engaging piece will motivate your customers to choose you over your competition.

Looking to build your organization's communication infrastructure? From inventory management, employee portals to ordering and tracking systems we'll create a customized solution and provide the level of support desired. Our development team writes powerful, clean and secure web applications that can be quickly deployed and accessed by any web browser.

Relationships can be hard, that’s why we are your Social Media matchmakers. As a brand, social media can be your best friend. Through Social Media you learn about your clients, how to interact with customers, and how to gain their trust. Our Social Media advertising services will put your brand in front of thousands of customers leading to increased web traffic, lead generation and sales. We use a variety of content marketing methods along with advanced social advertising technologies that provide you with a measurable and transparent results.

We refine brands to redefine their relevance. Nobody knows your business better than you. We'll sit down with our creative team to conceptualize, design and build a blend of brand strategy and personality into creative solutions that drive results and turn heads. We've helped hundreds of brands discover their identity and how to win over their customers.

Creativity comes from within, and Red Shark Digital embodies innovation. We strive ourselves to think outside the box and love a good challenge. As we bring items outside the box in, we want to inspire our clients to join us in the ever-evolving search for the next big thing. Let's invent new-to-the-world things to eat, drink, wear, share and enjoy together.

User Interface and User Experience Designs go cohesively together like the team at Red Shark Digital. User Interface ensures that the web and mobile interfaces are designed to increase user experiences, whereas User Experience is all about establishing the product and the user interaction works in unison. This takes strategic collaboration between our creative and development teams to produce a product that effectively engages your customers time and time again.

We've Worked With

Edgecombe Community College
Handy Mart
Greenville CVB
Anne's Dumplings
Ellis Airport
Lucas Research
Eastern Trust
Jenni K Jewelry

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