Drone Photo/Video Services in Greenville NC | Red Shark Digital

Drone Photo/Video

Capturing The Right Perspective

Looking to capture the perfect shot of your property or event? Drone photography and video can help you captivate beautiful landscapes and highlight property features in an immersive and engaging experience. Aerial photos allow you to capture stunning images from hundreds of angles while providing a cheaper alternative to traditional methods.

By using a drone for your photography and video services, we can create 4k hi-resolution images and videos that are highly engaging and tell a captivating story. Drones are able to film at high and low altitudes, allowing us to capture unique and diverse imagery. For property coverage, we are able to exhibit important listing features, neighbor proximity, and surrounding landscapes. Drone photography provides a beautiful view of your listing while showcasing features in a way that traditional photos cannot. This can help elevate your real estate profile, helping your listing stand out.

Pillars of Success

  • Event Coverage
  • Aerial Photography & Video
  • 360-Degree Immersive Experiences
  • Property Coverage
  • Panoramic Drone Photography

Results You Can Expect

  • FAA Certified
  • Engaging Visual Content
  • Interactive User Journey
  • Vibrant & Detailed Photography