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80% of Consumers Prefer Locally Relevant Advertising

Do you want to target a specific audience or steal the spotlight away from your competitors? Geo-Fencing can help you engage customers in a unique way while capturing their interests in real-time.

Geo-Fencing is the most powerful tool for tracking online to offline conversions in mobile advertising. Geo-Fencing is the process of using GPS to define a geographic boundary known as a conversion zone. These conversion zones allow advertisers to track what amount of physical traffic at their location has previously seen one of their ads from visiting another Geo-Fenced location. We can also use this tool to send specific and targeted messaging, including promotions or limited time offers, within these geographic boundaries.

At Red Shark Digital, we will help you create a detailed campaign that can help drive mobile performance and mobile reach. Geo-Fencing can be used for any business with a physical location where foot traffic is valuable and provide meaningful and proven results. The use of conversion zones allows us to provide in-depth metrics on the efficiency of your campaign. Once a user visits your location, we will be able to determine any sales that resulted from your campaign, how long they were inside your store, and how often they visit your business.

Our Geo-Fencing Services

Pillars Of Success

  • 30 Day Retargeting
  • Geographic Conversion Zones
  • Location Relevant Content
  • Real-Time Analytics

Results You Can Expect

  • Increased Audience Engagement
  • Key Demographic Insights
  • Relevant Mobile Messaging
  • Improved Customer Experience and Increased ROI