Whether you’re just starting out in Webflow and SEO or a seasoned pro, there’s always something new to learn if you want to stay ahead of the competition. Web development is a huge area of digital marketing Greenville NC, covering a vast array of areas including the ins and outs of Webflow. It’s hard to keep up, so learning new skills and keeping up with current industry trends is always time well spent. Looking to get started? Here are our top Webflow tutorials from Red Shark Digital, to improve your Webflow game and rank higher in SERP results with Webflow seo

Getting To Know Your Webflow Editor

In this video, Red Shark Digital takes a quick look into Webflow’s Editor. If you’re just getting started with the platform this is an inside scoop on the overview of how Webflow and its editing program works. This Webflow tutorials video includes:

  • CMS stands for Content Management System
  • Webflow Editor is Webflow’s version of a CMS
  • Allows you to edit things like images, text, content, pages, view/edit forms/orders
  • Webflow DOES NOT allow you to create static pages

Logging Into Your Webflow Editor

As a web designer or digital marketing professional, there are many tools and techniques you’ll want to master. But the first thing you need to master is log in and first navigating the Webflow Editor. In this video Red Shark Digital shows you how to login to your Webflow Editor and navigate the interface of the program. 

Angus Grill: Webflow Website Build

Whether you use Webflow or other software, we’ve got tips and tutorials that’ll help you develop your style, increase your skill set and inspire you to try something new. That was exactly what we did with Angus Grill, and their total rebrand. Not only did we achieve a stellar Webflow website rebuild, the brand got a total upgrade to represent a more modern, sophisticated burger empire. Angus Grill will now not only win the hearts of people in Greenville NC, but now are able to further capture the hearts of people and expand their business through their online presence.  

Webflow & SEO

The previous tutorials get you started with Webflow, and made you familiar with its Webflow editor. You’ve created your website, added meaningful content, but another major component to any successful site is its SEO strategy. For Webflow SEO, this video provides the perfect guidelines to live by when creating Webflow websites with SEO strategy in mind.  

Webflow Tutorials

At Red Shark Digital, what’s mine is yours, so subscribe to our channel to pick our brains on all industry knowledge to help build your brand. We’ve created some of the latest and greatest Webflow design tutorials, covering everything from basic techniques to complete website rebuilds. Use these Webflow tutorials to level up your skills or simply log in to your Webflow editor. If you want to build your Webflow site skills, or just want RSD to do it for you (we don’t blame you) contact us today and subscribe to us on Youtube

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