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How to create Warped text in Adobe Illustrator

This text warp effect will add dimension to your text and gives you a lot of variety in the outcome! All you need is text, a shape, and the knife tool in Adobe Illustrator!




Download our working file to follow along:

Text Warp Working File

Step One:

Open Adobe Illustrator and type out your desired text. Next draw a shape. You can do this effect with any shape but we’ll be using a circle for this tutorial. Using a circle shape will help the final text to appear as if it is coming from one central point, even with the words spaced out.


Step Two:

Grab the knife tool and make cuts through the circle. You need to get the circle into sections for however many words you’re working with. We’re using three words so we’ll be making two cuts across the circle to result in three sections.


Step 3:

Select your text and create outlines. Arrange the text behind the circle, each word behind its own section of the circle.


Step 4:

Select both the word and its corresponding section and press “Command + Option + c” to place the word into the shape. Repeat this with the rest of the sections.


Step 5:

Expand the text again and ungroup if all the words are grouped together, so that you can move the individual words. Space the words out vertically so there is room to see the final effect. Spacing the words vertically will result in a different effect.


Step 6:

Re-group the text, then copy and paste in place. Next, scale that new text group down to 20%. It doesn’t have to be 20%, but make sure that it is significantly smaller than the original text. Arrange the smaller text group to the back.


Step 7:

Select all the text and go to blend options, under the “Object” dropdown in the “Blend” tab. Select the “Specified Steps” option and choose the amount of steps. More steps will give you a smoother blend and fewer steps will give a jagged effect to your blend. We’re using 100 steps for this tutorial.


Step 8:

Make the blend! Go to “Object” – “Blend” – “Make.” Change your colors, specified steps in the blend, and positioning of the text for different effects!

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