How Your Digital Advertising Agency Can Track Title Changes on SERPs

As of August 24, Google has announced the way titles have been created for search results has changed. These types of changes can affect the workflow of an agency. This information is not viewable within other first-party Google tools such as Google Analytics or Google Search Console. Due to this, your advertising agency Greenville NC may need to turn to other third-party platforms to be able to view and access this data. Below are several third-party platforms that are currently popular among the digital advertising agency world to gather and view title information.


  • Manual process to check title changes
  • Can compare titles across changing dates
  • Able to view snippets from only your site by turning on “Target Only”

Rank Ranger

  • Designed to monitor URL performance in Google Search
  • Based off historical data
  • Able to cross-reference rank changes with title pages despite Google saying these two are unrelated


  • No specific tool to view title changes
  • Can only view information for the period you were tracking the related keywords
  • More relevant when you want to confirm a title change suspension


  • Direct title changer tool built in
  • Words dropped from the title are red
  • Words added to the title are green


Keeping up with your SEO information and analytics is one of the best ways to ensure you and your digital advertising agency understand what your website and traffic are actually doing as opposed to what you think they are doing. With information and tactics changing on a day-to-day basis, ensuring you are up to date on current strategies is crucial.

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