In April, it was found that Instagram was testing the removal of the “Like” counts on posts. As we all know, “Likes” give us bragging rights and a slight ego boost. However, it can also add a ton of pressure, especially for influencer marketers. Instagram wanted to explore new ways to reduce this pressure.

Adding New Value

So what does this mean? Influencer marketing agencies will now be encouraged to find new ways to add value and transparency to their advertising techniques. Rather than strategically posting during certain times of the day or posting the most aesthetically pleasing photos, these agencies will now need to find new ways to captivate their audience and stop them in their tracks. Literally! They will need to stop scrolling and interact with the post, clicking tagged links and actually browsing a product or service rather than just giving it a “Like.”

Creativity Check

The discontinuation of the “Like” button could really get some creative juices flowing in the future. Influencers will be given the push they need to create stronger content, and may even begin to interact with their followers more. Rather than the whole “like-for-like” game, comments under photos could possibly become more prevalent. Influencers have to keep their followers engaged, so those who currently tend not to respond to comments may begin doing so in the future.

How do you feel about the possible removal of the “Like” count on Instagram? Will it make the app a friendlier, less pressured platform? Or will the ever-changing app begin losing its day-one supporters?


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