As the COVID-19 virus swept the nation, no one was prepared for the new realities we as a country were about to face. Closed storefronts, canceled events, and remote work became a new normal amongst a prominent digital shift to the online world. These trends have been made clear around the globe, validating a new functionality of the internet more than ever before.

While the country strives to try to flatten the coronavirus curve, usage of search engines and social media has continued to increase. At a time when a digital presence is critical, optimizations must be made to digital marketing agendas focused on SEO. Even desktop search is rising, comparable to the recent decrease over mobile in previous years. As stated by Rik van der Kooi, Microsoft Advertising’s corporate vice president, “Search is more important than ever.” He noted that in the last downturn of 2008, “search outperformed all other formats. Given stay-at-home and online media consumption, consumers are doing more online research, search, and shopping.” With people spending heavy amounts of time online, getting your brand to those first page spots on Google is crucial. In order to do this, you must understand the underlying workings of SEO, including keywords. And at Red Shark Digital, we’re here to help. Read on for tips to reinforce your rankings and improve your SEO in Greenville NC. 

SEO Greenville NC

One of the most essential parts of SEO includes your keywords. Google operates by scanning the information on web pages and indexing them accordingly. When people search, Google shows the best results based on the search terms. In order to operate a successful SEO strategy, keywords must be relevant to your business and what people are searching. Complete keyword research to find the right keywords for your business to include on their website based on search trends and other impacts on your industry. Include your keywords and follow these best practices for SEO accordingly.

Page Titles

Page titles are the main subject of your page and show up as the first line of search results. When writing page titles, target SEO keywords at the start to make your content seem more relevant. 

Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are the second part of the search results entry. Although it is no longer a ranking factor, it can help Google determine how relevant your content is to the search terms people are using. More specifically, the meta helps users decide whether or not they choose a search result.


Subheadings give your content the ability to be read quickly. For audiences who are scanning search results, these subheadings may help visitors decide about the relevance of your site. Include your keywords multiple times throughout.


One of the top SEO ranking factors is the content within your site. First, use your main keyword in the first couple sentences, or the first paragraph. Next, use the same keyword or variations of it throughout the page. Avoid keyword stuffing, using the same keyword multiple times in a sentence or every few sentences. Write the content for people to read first, making sure it is understandable yet still entertaining. 


Images are also indexed on Google, creating another way for people to find your content. Make sure the images are relevant and give them a file name that reflects that relevance. Use SEO keywords in image titles and in alt text. 


The best URLs give Google a clue about what’s on the page. Using SEO keywords in the URL is beneficial, but also avoid keyword stuffing here. You want the URL to make sense to people who are visiting. 

Link Anchor Text

Links must be optimized for SEO, as they are one of the top three SEO ranking factors. Vary your anchor text throughout the page with different verbiage for each one. 

Social Media

Although social media isn’t a direct search ranking factor, research has indicated that there is a strong link between social shares and better SEO. It is recommended to use keywords early in social media updates so that they are immediately visible. Google also indexes Twitter updates, so using keywords there can lead to your Twitter profile and then onto your website. Using keywords in your social profiles enhances branding as well as enabling a quick way for consumers to understand what your business covers.

During these times of uncertainty, utilize these best practices to optimize your SEO efforts. While people continue to quarantine and social distance, the internet remains a place of communication, research, and entertainment. For more information on how to improve your SEO, Greenville NC contact Red Shark Digital, premier marketing agency.

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