One Hour Graphic Design Challenge: Thanksgiving Dish Branding

The holidays are filled with a plethora of fine delicacies that make it a special time for many each year. From football games to mashed potatoes there’s so much to be thankful for – including our favorite holiday dishes. In honor of turkey day, the creatives in the office decided to put their skills to the test with a head-to-head design off! In this graphic design challenge, the prompt was: Design a brand for your favorite Thanksgiving dish.  So, if you like Thanksgiving, canned corn,  homemade pies but hate cranberry, boy, this is the graphic design challenge for you.

Fall Pies:

Influenced by his grandma’s famous chocolate pie recipe, our COO Spencer created a brand based on the beloved fall staple – pies. With an eccentric layout and feasible design, the brand created was named  ‘Fall Pies’ featuring a warm palette of colors and comforting typeface.

Dogg Face Sauce:

If you’re into popular culture, this Dogg Face Cranberry sauce is the brand for you. Our content creator, Christian developed a brand based entirely around the recent pop icon -Dogg Face. Known for his viral TikToks, Dogg Face has become a worldwide phenomenon for sipping Ocean Spray cranberry juice while skateboarding and grooving to Fleetwood Mac. This brand replicates Dogg Face’s with a simple, iconic logo and timeless lyrics.

Shuck’s Sweet Corn:

What’s better at Thanksgiving than some sweet corn? Our graphic designer, Matt developed this brand after his favorite holiday side. Crunchy, sweet, with indigestible flavor, ‘Shuck’s Sweet Corn’ provides a polished look with iconic lettering and design.

One-Hour Graphic Design Challenge

For this Thanksgiving-themed graphic design challenge our top designers were able to create a brand in less than an hour. Fall Pies, Dogg Face Sauce, and Shuck’s Sweet Corn are only a simple taste of the unmatched capabilities our team can accomplish in less than an hour! For a more in-depth look at the process take a look at the most recent video on our YouTube channel. Which design has your vote?

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