Day Law Firm

A local law firm in the Greenville, NC area reached out to us with hopes for a modern and original website design. Their current website had served as a hub for information on all of their services, but was in need of a fresh and modern look. One of the firm's main services includes Immigration Law, and since the website’s content was primarily English, the user experience for Spanish speaking clients was greatly diminished. To help correct this issue, with the site rebuild we implemented a Spanish landing page that would convert all page text to Spanish in order to improve the user experience.

The Firm also implements fees for consultations based on a particular service. Their previous site relied primarily on contact forms to allow users to reach out to the attorneys. The firm was in need of a booking platform that would simplify appointment requests, as well as implement consultation charges. To address this issue, we implemented a plug-in that takes into account the attorney’s schedules as well as services provided to present available time slots for client consultation. Booking is made easier with simplified filters and improves user experience from selection to payment.

Overall, the firm was presented with a fully responsive and clean design intended to build engagement and drive conversions. Their adaptive bilingual landing page allows them to connect with a variety of user types, and their online booking platform works to simplify scheduling and manage productivity.