Sycamore Hill Gateway Plaza

A prominent piece of the Greenville, NC community, Sycamore Hill Missionary Baptist Church was at the center of a vibrant and upbeat African-American community. The church served as a place to gather, worship, and celebrate while joining families and traditions for generations. During urban redevelopment in the 1960s, the church was demolished and community members were forced to abandon their homes. The Sycamore Hill Gateway Plaza aims to commemorate the lost community and serve as a place for remembrance and healing.

When designing Sycamore Hill's landing page and donation portal, we wanted to implement elements of architecture while highlighting key pieces of the monument. The monument itself features stained glass windows, paying homage to the original church. We incorporated moving blocks with transparent gradients to mimic the style of stained glass, while also incorporating grid lines to resemble blueprints. We aimed to commemorate the rich history of the community while highlighting the main values of the church.