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Pugh's Tire & Service Centers | Webflow Website Rebuild | Red Shark Digital

Our most recent project, Pugh’s Tire & Service Centers, consisted of a complete Webflow website rebuild. Pugh’s approached us in need of a fresh, easy to navigate website to allow for ease of scheduling appointments, requesting quotes, exploring services, and finding tires and wheels in the Pitt County area. We eagerly took the wheel (pun intended) on this web design Greenville NC project, creating an organized navigation menu as well as informative tire pages with details for Pugh’s most popular tires.

Website: https://www.pughstireservice.com/

Pugh’s Tire & Service Centers Webflow Website Rebuild

Pugh’s old site seemed cluttered with a copious amount of text on each and every page. The navigation menu needed work in order to flow with the rest of the site. Overall, we knew that we could turn the Pugh’s site into a much more functional, attractive website that customers would want to visit. 

The new Webflow website takes a much more personalized approach to the Pugh’s storefronts and clientele, featuring photos of employees hard at work as well as images of wheels showcased on customers’ vehicles. The video background displayed on the homepage takes the site to the next level with drone footage from each location, and the animated menu allows for easy navigation when searching for tires or services.

Make sure to check out Pugh’s new Webflow website and check out each location on Facebook!

Main: https://www.facebook.com/PughsTireServiceCenters/

Memorial (Greenville): https://www.facebook.com/PughsTireMemorialDrive/

Greenville Blvd: https://www.facebook.com/PughsTireGreenvilleBlvd/

Washington: https://www.facebook.com/PughsTireJohnSmallAve/

Williamston: https://www.facebook.com/PughsTireBrentwayAve/

Team Members Involved:

Spencer Bunting: Design

Mike Fenwick: Development

Abby McVeigh: Copywriting & QA

Matt Wagner: Ad Creation

Christian Jester: Content Creation

Alaina Corsini: Paid Ads


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