At Red Shark, we are always striving to provide your business with the best marketing strategies. Being a small business ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to reach your intended audience and grab users attention. That’s why we created our local search marketing packages that are catered towards your small or local business.

If you’re not sure what local SEO is or what it means for your business then we have all the answers! Local SEO is a highly targeted form of Search Engine Optimization. It uses platforms such as Google My Business, Yelp, and Apple Maps to provide users with results that are specific to their area based on their geographical location. It’s extremely helpful for driving traffic because it targets customers the exact moment they are looking for your business or service.

We currently have three Local Search Marketing Packages available for your business, Local I, Local II, and Local III. Each package has their own benefits, however, Local III is the most extensive and customized for your business. Local III encompasses all of the features of Local I and II, such as directory citation building, creating and managing your Google My Business and Apple Maps Profiles, and receive weekly custom blog and facebook posts. Unlike the other two packages, with Local III you will also receive paid search advertising to increase the likelihood of your business being seen.

Paid Search Advertising offers many benefits for your business because it allows you to achieve that coveted top spot on search engine results pages. Being one of the first few spots means more people are likely to see your ad and click on it. This is also super beneficial because it’s a fast way to obtain new visitors and drive traffic. Traditional organic SEO can often take months to reach the same position. With our Local III package, you will receive Google search ads, Google Local Services ads, as well as Google, maps ads. You will be able to target local customers from multiple different angles and increase your chances of making a sale.

With every local search marketing package, you will receive monthly marketing analytics that will show campaign growth and how your business has been impacted. You also have the ability to add-on features such as a responsive WordPress website, or web management services.

Creating a marketing strategy that fits your business goals can be tiring and time-consuming, our local search marketing packages allow you to find the perfect strategy while easily targeting your customers. Get started with Local Search today and let Red Shark help you build your business!


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