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Drone video services are an excellent way to save you or your business time and money. Drone video service has become one of the latest trends in marketing since the inception of social media and continues to deem brands successful results. But what other aspects of drones are beneficial? The wide range of applications for drone photography and videography allow for guaranteed safety of those involved while also delivering a professional service in a timely manner.  At Red Shark Digital, top digital marketing agency in Greenville NC, we elevate drone videography to the next level while maximizing ROI for our clients. 

Drone Video Service | Red Shark Digital

Home Inspection 

Let’s say a large hurricane just passed through your county, (which isn’t unlikely to happen here in Eastern North Carolina) and you need to inspect your property for damages. It would be ill-advised to climb onto your wet roof and risk endangering yourself, so why not hire a drone video service pilot to come inspect your property for you?

Drones for home inspections can be an excellent tool for anything from major inspections to simply finding out the source of your bee problem, without having to risk endangering yourself or others in the process. 

By hiring our certified drone pilot here at Red Shark Digital, we are able to capture anything you might need at your home in HD photo and drone video service.

Real Estate Content

When you buy something online, what’s the first thing you look at when making your decision? 

The answer is images/video

The same rule can be applied to home buying, especially in today’s day and age. You need people to see your house in order to sell it. This is why drone video services can be so useful for real estate. 

Our drone captures beautiful, high-quality images, while also getting that perfect angle to show off every bit of your home. By using drone photography for real estate purposes it shows the buyers a  much more accurate, and way cooler, depiction of what the property is actually like. 

Don’t be like those people who just casually snap a few shots of their home on their smartphone and quickly upload them to Zillow. The better your home shots are, the quicker your home will sell, and you might even get some higher offers. 


Drone video service can also be used to provide construction teams with an overhead view of job sites, materials, machinery, and people on construction sites.

There are three main reasons as to why drones are now being utilized by construction companies.

  1. Drone usage is more cost effective than aerial photography from full-sized aircraft.
  2. Drones are also safer and more efficient than using ground personnel for surveys/inspections/reports.
  3. Stay up to date with more frequent, complete, and up-to-date data for project management/progress reports. 

Drone Video Services With RSD

If you haven’t already thought about what video marketing can do to promote your brand, you definitely should.  Whether you’re looking to drive more traffic to the company website, build on your sales conversions, build brand awareness, create a brand identity or improve communications and integration with your key audience drone video service with Red Shark Digital is the way to go.  Creating enticing, powerful, eye-catching promotional video marketing content is a must while also saving your business time and money. 

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