[Video Tutorial] Abstract Shapes in Adobe Illustrator


Spice up your next carousel, poster, t-shirt, or wallpaper with this super easy tutorial on abstract mesh backgrounds in Adobe Illustrator. Today we’ll show you how to make these graphics in just five easy steps. Be sure to download the working file from the form below so that you can follow along with us!


Bouncing Text Working File

Step One:

Create your document. 

In this example, we’re using 800×600, but the size of your final work is completely up to you!

Step Two:

Use the Pencil Tool (shortcut N on your keyboard) to draw a random shape in the middle of your artboard. Then repeat this step with a much larger shape around your first.

Step Three:

Now select the Blend Tool (shortcut W on your keyboard) and click on the outermost line followed by the inner. This should create a third line between the original two.

Step Four:

Double click the Blend Tool icon in your tool bar to open the Blend Options Panel. Choose the Spacing drop down titled “Specified Steps” and set the number to 70. If you’re working at a larger size it may be beneficial to play around with this number until you find what looks best. By clicking the Preview button on and off you’ll be able to update your artwork in real time to get an idea of what you are working with.

Step Five:

This is where you can get CREATIVE! Change the colors and line thicknesses to alter the appearance of your piece. You can also grab the Direct Select Tool (shortcut A on your keyboard) and alter the direction of your curves to alter their existing paths.


This is easily one of our favorite tricks in Adobe Illustrator. The artwork remains editable, and the technique can be duplicated with very little effort. Abstract line art shapes are definitely something you want to add to your graphic design arsenal. 



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