Award-Winning Sprightly CBD E-Commerce Website | Red Shark Digital

CBD E-commerce Website | Red Shark Digital

Red Shark Digital, premier digital marketing agency, has won three awards from CSS Design Awards for its recent Webflow e-commerce website for Sprightly CBD. Rooted in innovation, CSS Design Awards are an international web design and development platform that honors and showcases digital work pushing the boundaries of UI, UX, and innovative development. Backed by an international panel of expert judges, CCSDA has recognized Red Shark Digital and Sprightly CBD as a leader in its field through the creation and development of the newly redesigned e-commerce website, 

  • UX Design Award
  • UI Design Award
  • Innovation Design Award

Webflow E-commerce CBD Website

The new site for Sprightly CBD was designed in Figma, and highlights the modernized design of the ever-changing hemp industry. Sprightly CBD offers a premium line of CBD oils and creams that are organically made and sourced here in Eastern North Carolina. Their e-commerce CBD website provides access to shop all Sprightly CBD products as well as educating customers on the benefits and uses of CBD. With a mission to support high-quality, all-natural hemp products, Sprightly guarantees the best CBD in North Carolina and now their award-winning e-commerce website conveys just that. Stay youthful, live spirited, feel relief.

Team Members Involved:

  • Web Design/Project Management: Spencer Bunting
  • Branding: Matt Wagner
  • Content Creation: Christian Jester
  • Copywriting: Abby McVeigh¬†
  • Ecommerce Web Development: Mike Fenwick

E-commerce Webflow Website | Red Shark Digital

Webflow E-commerce Website | Red Shark Digital

E-Commerce Website | Red Shark Digital

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