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In partnership with Viamark Advertising, Red Shark Digital’s most recent Webflow website redesign was for Axiom Elite, a data integration hub for higher education. The site was more than ready for a redesign as it looked outdated and unorganized. As a solution for data integration, it was important for Axiom to update their website to reflect their product’s organizational skills.

Take a look at the old site:

Axiom | Red Shark Digital

Axiom | Red Shark Digital

The site serves the purpose of being an information/marketing website that is meant to sell the data integration solution. While the previous site may have done the job, the new Webflow website redesign does the job much better and with a more professional, sleek feel. We worked on an 8-week timeline to accomplish the rebuild, featuring animations and a uniqueness that simply was not present before.

Check out the new site: 

Here’s a sneak peek!

Axiom Elite Website Redesign | Red Shark Digital

Axiom Elite Webflow Website Redesign | Red Shark Digital

Axiom Elite Webflow Website Redesign | Red Shark Digital

Team Members Involved:

Project Management: Travis Jones

Design: Spencer Bunting

Development: Mike Fenwick

Animations: Christian Jester

SEO & Site Migration: Abby McVeigh

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