Bouncing Text Animation in Adobe After Effects | RSD Tutorial


In this tutorial, we’ll be going over how to create a bouncing text effect in Adobe After Effects. Download the working file to follow along!


Abstract Shapes Working File (1)


First, type out your text. Selecting a heavy-weight, sans serif typeface will work best with this effect.


Outline the text by selecting “Create” and “Create shapes from text” in the “Layers” drop-down tab. Delete the extra text layer that’s left behind after outlining the text.

Search “Path” in the search bar to bring up the paths for each layer. 

Turn on the path keyframe for each path. Select all the keyframes and drag them to the timestamp where you want the letters to stop falling. 

Pull the timer back to the start and pull the letters up above the canvas so the animation will show them falling down. Adjust the keyframe times and positions so that it falls at the speed you want. Stagger the speed and distance of different letters falling to get a more bouncy effect. 

Now it’s time for the bounce! This is going to rely on your words being close together. Pull your top word down to overlap on the second word. Direct select the anchor points of the bottom half of the letters in the top word and pull them up slightly to squish. Repeat this process with the top half of the letters of the bottom word. 

Pull the top word up, and squish the letter more, pull the top half of the bottom word up to meet  Loop this set of keyframes and the most previous set of keyframes: Unfortunately, After Effects won’t let you use the loop Out expression for this so you have to duplicate the keyframes. Adjust the key frames if you want it to bounce at different rates. 

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