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Flying a drone is fun, don’t get me wrong, but flying a drone and getting paid to do it is even better. To do so, you need to pass a little thing called the FAA Part 107 sUAS Test. Now, this test is not so little and is kinda hard, to be honest. But have no fear, with the right preparation method and study routine, you can make light work of the entire thing. In this blog post, I will share with you a brief insight into how I prepared for the exam, taking the exam, and how I passed with a score of 90% so that I could further execute my video production Greenville NC.

Without further dilly-dallying, let’s get right into it!

Getting Schooled

If you’re anything like me, you may know like one or two people who have their drone license and fly commercially. These folks are always busy for some reason and definitely did not have the time to help guide me through this uncharted, daunting aeronautical information space. Upon researching the Part 107 Test materials, I quickly discovered the vast array of subjects that I had absolutely no idea about, like:

  • Sectional Charts
  • Weather Patterns 
  • Airspace Operations 
  • FAA Rules and Regulations
  • Safety Procedures
  • And much, much more

Clearly overwhelmed, I went on the world wide web, just like you’re doing right now, and found a site called Drone Pilot Ground School. This blessing of a website provided me with 24/7 help, a well-constructed course with video and text options, and the most comprehensive practice materials. I enrolled and began studying, leisurely dissecting my way through each of their units. 

With that being said, I highly recommend using DPGS! Unlike all the FAA study guides out there, the DPGS course materials are genuinely interesting. The information is presented in a visually appealing and stimulating way which helped me to retain all of it. 

Taking the Test

I had successfully finished my online course and now it was time to test my aeronautical knowledge. I went over to this link: to schedule my test at an FAA-approved testing center online. After booking my test time, I crammed a little bit more, then drove to my local testing center, and passed with a score of 90 percent. Keep in mind, I only studied after work for a few hours over a week and a half.

Preparing for Flight 

Once you’ve passed your test, you’ll at some point encounter your first restricted area. Have no fear, DPGS has a great page which lays out what you should do to get Restricted Air Space Authorization. Keep in mind, this particular blog pertains to the trickier DJI Geo-Fencing authorization. So, in some cases, you’ll need to submit an authorization form through the FAA’s Drone Zone before you fly, as well as check any geofencing limitations that your DJI system might have for those areas at DJI Flysafe.

Clear to Fly – Video Production Greenville NC

Today, I’ve been able to work in my local community of Greenville, North Carolina, and deliver amazing sUAS photos and videos to clients in the area that are in search of video production Greenville NC. Drone piloting is a very fun and rewarding experience that can add an extra level of class to your company’s content. Videos and photos taken on a drone work perfectly for website hero videos, social ads, or commercial video productions Greenville NC.

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