[Video Tutorial] Placing Images Inside Text in Adobe Photoshop

Want to add a decorative effect to some text? In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to add a leafy effect to your letters. Follow along and use your green thumb to make the leaves grow right out of your letters with this leafy text effect in Adobe Photoshop! 


Download the working file here!

Placing Images Inside Text - PS


First you need to find an image with the kind of leaves you want to use, and type your letters out! If you don’t have a specific image in mind already, Unsplash is a good, free resource for royalty-free images!


With your image over your letters, create a clipping mask. 


Duplicate that layer and delete the mask in the copy, so you have a full size version of the image in the same position as the clipped image. Reduce the opacity so you can see the letters behind. 


Use the Polygonal Lasso Tool to select leaf edges that you want to cross out of the bounds of the letter. Add a layer mask on that layer to only leave the areas of the leaf you selected. 


Use the brush tool with a lower hardness percent to edit the edges of the clipping mask. Take off any hard or unnatural edges. If it still doesn’t look right, you can zoom in to see what colored pixels are throwing it off. 


Repeat this with all the leaves you want to cross the edges!


Add a new layer that is only over your clipping mask of the original image. Use the brush tool to add shadows around the edges. This layer position will exclude any shadows from being added to all your leaves crossing the edges in the foreground, adding depth. 


Reduce the opacity of your shadows to soften the edges. Now, add more shadows where needed. 


Add shadows under the leaves that cross the border to add more depth. Either using the brush tool or by rasterizing the layer to make a copy and blurring it out. We’ll just be using the brush for this tutorial. Try to follow the same angle of shadows that you did for the inside of the letters.

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