[Tutorial] How to Wrap Text in Adobe Illustrator | w/ Working File

How to Wrap Text in Adobe Illustrator | w/ Working File



Normally when handling large amounts of text, Adobe Indesign would be the go-to program. Depending on the project you’re working on, it might be easier to handle everything inside Illustrator instead of switching back and forth. Either way, it can be helpful to understand how to edit text placement inside Illustrator! We’re going to go over two different ways to wrap text in Adobe Illustrator.


Wrapping Text in Adobe Illustrator


Option 1: Wrapping Text Inside a Shape

The first option will be placing your text inside of a shape. You can either grab a preset shape or use the pen tool to construct your own.



Select the Type tool and click on the path of the shape. The text will be inserted into the shape, and you can edit it from there. If you are only using the type as a texture in a graphic, justifying the text will help it fill the shape more evenly. However, don’t justify text if it is actually meant to be read as body text. 


Option 2: Wrapping Text Around an Image 

The second option is wrapping the text around an image. All you have to do is use the pen to draw an outline around your image, where you want the text to hit. Close the shape, and set the stroke and fill to nothing. 



Place your text on top of this shape. Select both the text and shape and go to the “Object” drop-down menu, select “Text Wrap,” and “Make.” 



If you don’t have enough of a buffer between the text and the image you can still edit this. Select the shape and go to the “Object” drop-down menu, select “Text Wrap,” and “Text Wrap Options.” Increase the offset value to add more space between the text and the image, or decrease if there is too much space.





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