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Content marketing has become a staple in the modern-day advertising agency. With blogging, video creation, and podcasts, an advertising agency Raleigh NC has a multitude of options to gain user awareness.


Having a blog for your business is crucial to building strong customer awareness. Blogs can include services that your advertising agency Raleigh NC offers. It can also offer overall updates in the industry you’re in as a whole. Blogs are also a crucial part of a company’s SEO efforts. Using keywords in these blogs can help search engines improve the website’s ranking.

Video Creation

Video marketing has become a norm in today’s marketing industry. Creating video content to share on your advertising agency Raleigh NC website or YouTube page can help get eyes on your products and services. However, to ensure your strategy will be successful, you must post consistently to continue gaining customer awareness and engagement.


Podcasting is another great way to gain customer awareness. Having a personal podcast can help connect listeners to your business and its offerings. A business can use a podcast to speak on things going on in a specific industry as well as their own private company. Furthermore, with the breadth of podcasts in different industries, an online marketing Raleigh NC agency could be featured in other podcasts run by fellow industry professionals.

Paid Advertising

Paid advertising has become increasingly popular in today’s industry. As businesses fight for exposure, paid advertising has become an important part of digital marketing. With the increase of paid advertising, Google, social media, and programmatic ads have become a norm in our digital society.


Google has continuously grown to be one of the largest paid advertising platforms in the modern world. With Google AdWords, an advertising agency Raleigh NC can help boost their site to the top of the search results using a pay-per-click model. This model allows you to pay only when someone clicks on your ad. Google AdWords is a great way to target specific audiences and users and have them click on your site.

Social Media

Social media has quickly become a part of our generation’s daily routine. This dependency has made social media advertising become increasingly valuable in today’s world. These ads can be run on a plethora of platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Facebook ads are a relatively inexpensive way to effectively reach a consumer. These ads can help capture the attention of a target audience and highlight products and services that the company provides. LinkedIn ads, similar to Facebook, can be an effective way to connect with an audience. However, as their platform is focused on the business world, LinkedIn ads are focused on creating awareness for business-to-business products, services, and employment opportunities.


Programmatic advertising is the act of digital advertising to specific audiences based on specific platforms. These ads are purchased through a DSP (demand-side platform), and then a Data Management Platform (DMP) is used to gather information before it is analyzed and shown to the appropriate audience. Programmatic advertising allows agencies to specifically dedicate ad spend dollars to direct marketing efforts for its clients.

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