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Red Shark Digital, premier digital marketing agency, has published yet another WordPress website rebuild! 

The Premier network consists of multiple dermatology and plastic surgery practices, and before this website rebuild, that meant multiple websites as well. Previously, there were 4 individual sites for each practice. While the Premier network trusted Red Shark Digital with all of their websites, they also trusted us to consolidate them all into one to reflect a new image. They came to us in hopes of consolidating their efforts into one brand in order to better serve their community. They also wanted to simplify efforts internally, allowing them to merge marketing strategies and making it easier to manage one website rather than multiple.

Premier Cosmetic Surgery DE: WordPress Website Rebuild

The new Premier Cosmetic Surgery DE website focuses more on the available cosmetic surgery procedures rather than the individual doctors, contrary to the previous sites. A key feature on the new website is the before and after photos displayed within advanced photo gallery functionality. 

The goal of this cosmetic surgery website rebuild was to create an easily navigable menu, an extensive gallery of before and after photos, and a complete list of procedures organized by type. The sticky navigation keeps all of these options right at the users’ fingertips. This new website showcases the professionalism of the Premier network as well as their remarkable doctors and surgeries. 

We are ecstatic to have completed this project!

Check it out:

Premier Cosmetic Surgery DE | Red Shark Digital

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