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Staffing Solutions Website Redesign | Roebuck Staffing

Our latest Webflow website redesign was for Roebuck Staffing, a local staffing agency that specializes in North Carolina private sector businesses as well as public sector business. The previous website served its purpose of providing information about the staffing agency’s employment opportunities and services, but the site lacked a sense of organization and professionalism with its design. 

The previous site featured many text-heavy pages with wide read lines. The buttons throughout the site did not stand out, which could cause potential leads to be missed. Check out the before:

Webflow Website Redesign | Red Shark DigitalRoebuck Staffing Redesign | Red Shark Digital Roebuck Staffing Redesign | Red Shark Digital

We also performed a speed test on the old website:

Previous Roebuck Staffing Performance Report | Red Shark Digital


Red Shark Digital took on a Webflow website redesign that turned Roebuck Staffing’s text-heavy website into an organized, sleek site that made finding employment opportunities and requesting rate quotes easy. As you click through the site’s navigation, you will discover the services that Roebuck Staffing offers, the industries they serve, applications for candidates, and resources chock-full of staffing and job-related information. With a new side navigation bar, clean fonts, and buttons that stand out to users, the Roebuck Staffing Webflow website redesign is one to be proud of.

Make sure to visit the new site:

Here’s a sneak peek:Webflow Website Redesign | Red Shark Digital

Webflow Website Redesign | Red Shark Digital Webflow Website Redesign | Red Shark Digital

The updated speed test:

Roebuck Staffing Performance Report | Red Shark Digital

Team Members Involved:

Design & Project Management: Spencer Bunting

Development: Mike Fenwick

Copywriting & Content: Abby McVeigh

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