Ruffling Feathers with The Painted Peacock WordPress Website Redesign

Red Shark Digital really put the ART in PARTY with a WordPress website redesign for The Painted Peacock! We did a complete overhaul with this website, including their brand identity.

The Painted Peacock approached us with a need to refresh their entire look while consolidating the abundance of pages on their website. With a multitude of service offerings and a website overflowing with information, The Painted Peacock was ready to dive in and ruffle feathers with some big changes.

The original site was built on Wix and lacked the flair and pizzazz that The Painted Peacock is all about. The larger-than-life personality of the store and its owner was held back by the restraints of Wix, limiting the creative possibilities that the website needed. The logo also needed updating, as the client explained to us that most people did not even recognize the symbolism within. The signature peacock sat in a small pottery teacup, and its feathers had paintbrush details that gave a nod to the business’s offerings. These design assets got lost in the busyness of the logo, so we took it upon ourselves to create something fresh and minimalistic that would become recognizable for The Painted Peacock’s customers and passersby alike.

Take a look at the old logo:

And the new!:

The Painted Peacock WordPress Website Redesign | Red Shark Digital The Painted Peacock WordPress Website Redesign | Red Shark Digital The Painted Peacock WordPress Website Redesign | Red Shark Digital The Painted Peacock WordPress Website Redesign | Red Shark Digital


The new WordPress website redesign features a mega-menu, photography and videography including video panels across the Home page, along with e-commerce and reservation booking for a variety of their services through Bookly. Customers may even select their own paint colors when purchasing pottery, allowing for a customized experience when painting at home. This site is filled to the brim with detail, from eye-catching images to punny headings and galleries across many pages. You will find something new and exciting with every click.

Visit for yourself!:

Here’s a look at the old site:

And the new site!:

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