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Snap Inc. has announced a new set of Snapchat features. These features are designed to help keep up with the pace of the digital environment. Snapchat wants to put emphasis on efficiency, revenue opportunities, and creativity. These new features enhance the Snapchat experience, as well as provides key openings for marketers and advertisers.

Dynamic Scanning and Advanced AR

Dynamic scanning and advanced Augmented Reality (AR) brings Snapchat to life by improving movement tracking. Interactive templates are shown via Lens Studio, landmark manipulation, and object scanning. Brands will now be able to deliver targeted content to their specific audience. This will provide context for deeper engagement with audiences. From snapping math problems and movie posters to visualizing new perspectives on landmark locations.

Third-Party App Integrations

New third-party app integrations via Snap Kit allows users on apps like Tinder, Netflix, VSCO, and GoFundMe to create custom partner stories directly from Snapchat. Partner apps will have the ability to display Snapchat stories on their own platforms. Furthermore, they will also have the option of monetizing their content with full-screen mobile ads in the coming months.

Snap Originals

Snap Originals is expanding its mobile shows with scripted dramas, comedies, and docu-series that target a variety of audiences. These are available on Snapchat’s Discover page, including six-second, unskippable ads available for purchase.

Snap Games

The new addition of Snap Games allows multiplayer gaming in real-time with original and partner-developed games made for Snapchat. Snap Games will offer advertisers ad spots directly from Chat for fast gameplay.

Marketers and advertisers should take advantage of this opportunity to broaden their reach to Snapchat users, considering there are 300 million+ monthly active users. 


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