Facebook has been a prominent site for over 15 years now, and while Facebook may seem outdated to some, there is one factor that is undeniable. Facebook advertising methods are successful. With over 2 billion users a month, Facebook is currently the world’s largest social media site in the world. Anyone on Facebook is allowed to post an ad, creating an endless list of opportunities for business owners. The question is, how can you make your ad stand out among competitors in order to receive desired results? Check out these top three Facebook advertising tips to help your ad continue to generate more web traffic.

Carousel Ads 

Carousel ads allow advertisers to showcase multiple videos or images of available products into a single ad. This card format immediately grabs the users attention and not only gets them to view the ad, but interact with it as well. Interactive features have been one of the top trends of 2019, because the consumer is engaged with the site from the beginning. If customers click through your carousel ad photos, they are still engaging with your brand by learning more about your products and services. Due to their visual appeal, carousel ads tend to perform higher compared to regular ads on Facebook generating up to 10 times more traffic. 

Custom Audiences

Facebook’s custom audience tool allows advertisers to reach a specific group of people who have previously engaged with your brand. Not only does it show ads to anyone who has viewed your website in the past, but you even have the option to reach offline audiences with the business offline setting. Custom audiences also allow you to create lookalike audiences, which uses your existing customers’ demographics and creates potential new customers that are extremely similar to your customer base already. This allows advertisers to reach a separate customer base while knowing the majority of them are slightly inclined to view your products based off of their interests gathered through Facebook. 


Testimonials have grown to be an extremely popular advertising technique because they are considered to be unbiased reviews, which encourages others to at least view the ad. While creating your testimonial ad, it is important to be selective. Instead of selecting a testimonial that solely recommends your product, select one that goes into greater detail about the product and what problems this specific product alleviated. It is essential for potential customers to be able to find the testimonial relatable to establish that underlying trust. 

Continuing to utilize different visual ads, alter custom audiences, and incorporating testimonials are just a few tips that you can take to maximize your Facebook advertising. Red Shark Digital is a marketing firm in Greenville, North Carolina that specializes in social media advertising. This will result in increased inbound traffic, higher conversion rates, enhanced customer experience and overall improved customer insights. Contact us today to see how Red Shark Digital can help transform your Facebook posts for the better and take your business to the next level. 

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