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Red Shark Digital’s hottest recipe: Webflow websites Greenville NC! This week, we launched The Holesome House, a brand new Webflow website featuring healthy recipes to cook at home. Not only did we design and build The Holesome House’s new site, we also designed their (hand-drawn) logo!

Logo Design Greenville | Red Shark Digital

The inspiration behind this logo stemmed from the way good home recipes make you feel. The goal was to make the logo reflect that feeling visually, with an approachable, warm, and homey graphic.

This site showcases recipes and featured favorites from our client Bri’s table to yours! With many categories to explore, a variety of brunch, dinner, dessert, drinks, and more can be found on The Holesome House Webflow website Greenville NC. Within the archive, recipes can be searched and filtered by difficulty (easy, moderate, hard) and category (appetizer, brunch, desserts, etc). This function was built with a complex CMS filter implementing Attributes. Attributes allow you to use the capabilities of javascript, without actually having to write it! This is a new way to implement Finsweet into your Webflow project.

This Webflow website Greenville NC displays each recipe within its own card, with some featured recipes displayed in a larger manner on the Home page to grasp the user’s attention and get their taste buds tingling!

Check it out at https://www.theholesomehouse.com/.

The Holesome House | Webflow Website Greenville NC

Webflow Website Greenville NC | Red Shark Digital


Webflow Website Greenville NC | Red Shark Digital


The Holesome House | Red Shark Digital


Webflow Website Greenville NC | Red Shark Digital

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