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Red Shark Digital, premier digital marketing agency in NC, was deemed a finalist for the 2020 Search Engine Land Awards! The digital marketing campaign nominated for this prestigious award was advertising for a private jet company. As a finalist for Best Retail Search Marketing Initiative, Red Shark Digital has taken the private travel industry by storm with a cross-channel digital marketing campaign designed to achieve the highest heights and convert the most traffic. As an exclusive private jet company that was primarily B2B focused, the goal for the digital campaign was to deliver quality, qualified leads very quickly as COVID-19 began to halt corporate travel. Not only was the expectation to drive leads ready to convert, but also to ensure these leads were qualified to purchase a private jet membership or book a charter. 

Digital Marketing For a Private Jet Company

The comprehensive marketing plan for a private jet company touches potential users on tactics that are all mid-to-low funnel with an intent to catch people who are ready to buy or showing high-intent. Within search engine marketing, our goal was to hit users who are actively searching for solutions in private travel across the United States and serve them both text ads within their search results, and display and video ads throughout the web. At a time when safety in traveling is a top priority, the messaging for our digital marketing campaign has highlighted the advantages of traveling with a private jet over domestic airlines.  

The campaign also extended to programmatic display to get in front of specific clientele who were interested in private travel. Utilizing various programmatic tactics, the goal of the display portion of the campaign was to reach customers before they are actively thinking about their need to fly and retargeting the user back to the private jet website. This puts the brand top-of-mind and if they do not immediately convert through the visual ad, it will trigger them to search at some point, where they will then come into contact with a search ad. We also monitored a list of sites that were deemed valuable to the client, further reaching a very specific target market.

Social media advertising and display ads reached the potential customer after their initial search for a private jet company on Google. Furthering brand awareness and reach, these platforms were used in addition to Google Ads to convert the user later down the sales funnel. By combining the power of display and social with search advertising, Red Shark Digital has continued to bring qualified leads to a premier private jet company, continuously achieving the desired goals for the campaign. 

Best Retail Search Marketing Initiative – SEM

  • Conversio
  • DAC
  • Horizon Media
  • Red Shark Digital
  • Sidecar

From Search Engine Land: The Highest Honor In Search

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