web development trends

The web has consistently been evolving ever since it was created. The previous years have brought about new concepts, ideas and trends. What can we expect to see for web development trends in 2018?

You will likely see more websites utilizing Chatbots. Chatbots are computer programs which have conversations with us through text or an auditory method. This allows websites to have a 24/7 contact point without having to maintain a 24-hour customer service department. Chatbots are able to answer common questions and direct customers to information and pages. In 2018 you will also see an increase in progressive web apps. Progressive web apps are web pages or websites that seem like a mobile application to users. Progressive web apps allows users to work offline, near-instant loading, reliability, and the ability to receive push notifications. For developers, they take less time to build, work for any user and are easier to deploy.

Website trends that you can expect in 2018 are push notifications, single-page, and static websites. One of the most powerful tools that mobile apps have are push notifications. The ability to send direct information to a user who provides value has proven to be extremely popular. In 2018 push notifications are expected to become more popular on websites because it will save companies the cost of of creating a mobile app to replace a website. In 2017 the single-page website gained footing and this trend is expected to increase in 2018. The biggest advantage to single-page websites is simplicity. This design works well on mobile devices, is inexpensive to develop and host. Static websites are likely to see a resurgence in 2018 for cost-conscious projects because they are simple, safe, load quickly  and can be cheaply made. They are still miles ahead of the original static pages but they are not as dull or labor-intensive to create.

Additional trends that you see for web development in 2018 are motion user interface, phasing out flash and photo content. Mobile user interface was originally designed for mobile apps. It allows the use of animations and transitions to help alert users to actions or important components. Mobile user interface also allows a high degree of customization. All of this allows developers to create a highly functional and stunning site. Everyone should be looking to phase out Flash Player because Adobe has announced that it will no longer be sending out updates after 2020 and it is also incompatible with most types of mobile devices. Web developers should be replacing the use of Flash Player with HTML 5. Lastly, the value of a good photo that can convey information while creating conversations will be an important aspect of success in 2018. This concept was huge during the days of print magazines and now it is moving into web development.

Trends will come and go as technology evolves. It is important to stay on top of these trends in order to entice and engage new and existing customers. It will also help you stay ahead of the competition.

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