Introductions to Branding: Getting Your Business Started

You’ve finally decided to take the plunge and start your business. You’ve been planning for years, but where do you really get started? Who will your customers be, what do you stand for, what will your logo look like? These are all questions you should be asking and they all help you to build your brand. These are big decisions and set the foundation for your entire business. Here are a few key steps from branding Raleigh NC experts to creating your brand and why they add value to your growing business.

Why is Branding Important?

Strong branding Raleigh NC will ultimately attract more customers, who are willing to pay more, buy more, and value your business more. True customer loyalty and strong brand awareness help drive revenue, develop more efficient and reliable products, as well as generate more shareholder value in the process. Not only does a strong brand build equity, it also helps attract and retain your business’s next most valuable asset: employees.

Where to start?

Determining who your target audience is can make or break your business. Researching the market and learning the habits and lifestyle choices of the consumers is key. You want to build your brand around this target audience and provide them with a company they can understand and relate to. Without customers, your business will fail, which is why this step in creating your brand is crucial.

Brand Identity

The logo is a vital portion of brand identity as it is the most recognizable aspect of a brand. The logo serves as the visual representation of your business. Therefore incorporating your logo into everything you do will create consistency and help create familiarity with your consumers.

What a Logo Needs:

A logo needs to be timeless, versatile, effective, and universal. Don’t get too trendy with your logo design, because you don’t want to change your logo every few months. Following trends is a quick way to make your logo, and your brand, outdated. You want to make your business recognizable, so a long-standing logo will help your brand be recognized and seem more reliable.

Having a timeless and versatile logo won’t get you anywhere if it isn’t effective. You need a mark that incorporates aspects of your brand to communicate who you are and what your business does. Be literal with your marks, especially if you want to rely on just a brand mark without any text. Don’t incorporate too many details or viewers will get overwhelmed and miss the overall message of your brand.

How will you share your brand?

Once you have established your brand you need to determine how you are going to share it with the world. There is no better way to show your entire brand than through the use of a well-crafted website. For many people this can be a very daunting task, but not when you have a talented and creative company to help. With many awards under our belt for our innovative website design, Red Shark Digital is the perfect company to build your website from start to finish. An online presence is a key to the success of any company, which makes an efficient and effective website so valuable


As you’ve read, a strong brand is a foundation in which you build your entire business. Your business is very important and should be given the time and attention it deserves. Red Shark Digital offers a variety of branding and creative services, industry positioning, and logo design. If you are looking for assistance with any of the various brand-building steps contact Red Shark Digital, the leader in branding Raleigh NC services, to learn more about how we can help you get started today!

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