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Does Video Marketing Increase SEO?

If you were to Google, “top trending digital marketing tool for 2019”, video marketing would land on every popular blog or forum’s top 5. Why? We are visual creatures, and it is because of this that some select people chose to watch the Harry Potter films before reading the books. Compelling visuals and graphics pull our attention, but movement (video) goes the extra mile at distracting us from what we are doing and pulling us in even harder. For example, on Facebook, posts with photos get 3x more engagement than those without, but, posts with video generate 135% more organic reach.

Image via Phillip Ross at Social Bakers

Videos have climbed the ranks in the past few years to claim the top spot as the most engaging format. Digital marketing agencies recognize the fact that video is shared 1,200% more than text or links combined, and partner the use of video marketing and SEO in a beautiful relationship.

How Do I Optimize My Videos for SEO?

Today, SEO is all about being found when it matters most and helping business owners to understand their customers better. SEO ranked videos include keywords that always vary depending on the industry. The key is to include high-ranking keywords in the video description, title, and URL. By doing this, Google can read them and then rank your content accordingly. Closed captioning can even be added to videos to increase content optimization. If both video and SEO are combined correctly, a business can increase social media engagement, generate leads, and increase your organic search result placement.

Which Video Hosting Platform do I Use?

Three years ago, this would not be a significant question that businesses asked themselves. Today, businesses use specific video hosting platforms to cater to their particular needs. Are you optimizing video to generate new leads and increase site traffic? Alternatively, is the goal brand awareness and thought leadership? If you are looking to boost brand awareness, the experts recommend YouTube or Vimeo. The reason being, once your awesome video has been indexed, it leads most people to the hosting site, and away from yours. Once this happens, your potential site visitors can be swept away by the trending or recommended video columns.

Don’t Leave!

To combat your site visitors from being whisked away, embed your video on a single page. Google crawls your site and finds your best performing video content per-page. With your video now embedded into your website, focus the page around your video so that it gets all the glory and recognition it deserves.

As seen above, we were able to create our own video module, known as RSDtv. This allows visitors to see all of our recent videos, organized in different collections. Having our own video module also allows us to maintain our audience’s attention without forcing them to go to an external site.

Don’t Go Unnoticed

Ensuring that your video is optimized to grab your viewers attention and generate site visits is a lot like trying to get your crush to notice you. Your thumbnail image is like your outfit. It has to be clean, detailed, and context relevant. Having a thumbnail image of a skyline for a specific software tutorial is the equivalent to wearing rain boots and a poncho when it’s 85 degrees and sunny.

According to Wistia, videos with custom human thumbnails receive a 30% higher play rate than those without a custom image. What this means is that people like to see other people actively doing what they’re searching. With a high-quality, engaging still that contains a human in it, your video will beat out others.

The winner for this Google search result of, “how to surf,” would be video number two. Video two has a quality thumbnail image of someone surfing, and not just standing on the beach.

Top Digital Marketing Agency of Raleigh NC

If the one-two punch strategy of combining video and SEO intrigues you, then let Red Shark Digital provide your business with both. Red Shark can provide your business with an effective SEO strategy that can land your business at the top of the search listings. We can also provide your business with a slew of videography services that range from pre-roll advertising to promotional social videos. You let us combine the two, and you have yourself a deadly combo that will generate more leads and push site traffic.

Here at Red Shark, our talented team is extremely passionate about what we do, and we bring that same energy to every client that comes to us. Our company motto BE BETTER represents our endless pursuit of being the very best at what we do. When we help a client grow, we grow, so let’s grow together, right?

With office locations in both the Triangle and Pitt County, we are the ideal digital agency throughout the Raleigh area and Eastern North Carolina. Our hard work and commitment is even starting to be recognized on the national stage through the numerous web development and web design awards we have received in the past three years. Red Shark Digital agency has also been featured again in’s Top 15 Digital Marketing Agencies in Raleigh. We also landed top 20 on’s Top Digital Agencies in the Raleigh Durham Area, out of 117 other firms. Our dedication to continually provide the top, quality service to our clients allows us to elevate marketing strategies and increase ROI. Contact us today to see how we can help your business succeed.

Red Shark Digital is a superior full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in Web Design, SEO, Branding, and Digital Advertising. With offices across North Carolina including Raleigh, Greenville, and Wilmington, our team of digital marketing specialists are able to create catered solutions for your business needs. Our clients have allowed us to push the boundaries of web and creative design, while building innovative results for their company and their brand. These clients have encompassed multiple industries including higher education, healthcare, and major commercial franchises. Our wide range of clientele has allowed us to craft specialized strategies for businesses of all sizes while conveying our knowledge across a variety of platforms. We always strive to connect brands to customers, learn what we can do for your business today.

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