Secret Lives of Moderators, SpaceX's Starship, and Kanye's Album Drop

RSD News is bringing you all the recent updates, including the lives of Facebook moderators behind the screen, SpaceX’s new Starship, and Kanye West’s album release dates. 

The Secret Lives of Facebook Moderators in America 

With over 2.3 billion users, Facebook has risen to become the most popular social media platform. Majority of people around the world have at least heard of Facebook. However, no one has ever been truly aware of what happens behind closed doors. Facebook’s content moderators or Cognizant’s “process executives” are responsible for consistently making sure the content being posted on Facebook is appropriate. Recently, a few employees stepped forward and began speaking about their time while working as moderators. Randy, a former employee stated “I don’t think it’s possible to do the job and not come out of it with some acute stress disorder or PTSD.” It quickly became apparent that these jobs as moderators entail more than what most would ever imagine. 

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Musk Unveils Plans for SpaceX’s Mars-Bound Starship Rocket 

Elon Musk, the CEO of both Tesla and SpaceX has recently announced his new plans for Starship. Starship is a vehicle that will be used to one day carry up to 100 people to Mars. While he is most popularly known for his involvement within Tesla, Musk says that his passion has always belonged to the idea of space travel. Musk stated recently “the goal is to make space travel as common as air travel.” SpaceX is already known for its Falcon Heavy rockets used by both NASA and the United States military. However, Spaceship has caught the eye of most. As of right now, SpaceX is building Starship vehicles in Boca Chica and Cape Canaveral, Florida. 

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Here’s What’s Really Going On With Kanye West’s New Albums Yandhi and Jesus Is King

It is no secret that many people have been waiting over a year now for the release of Kanye West’s Yandhi album. It was originally set to release back in September of 2018, but even after the songs became available as ringtones on iTunes the album has still yet to be fully released. Still patiently waiting, Kim Kardashian-West uploaded a photo claiming Kanye was now going to release another album called Jesus Is King set to be released during September of 2019. As of October 2019, neither Yandhi or Jesus Is King have been released. However, now Jesus Is King the album and the movie are both set to come out on October 25th and Yandhi is still left without a release date.

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