Nothing lights up my Millenial heart like pointless new iOS features that I will undoubtedly waste hours of my life playing with. With the launch of the iPhone X it was Animoji and now ladies and gentlemen, Apple is taking Animoji to new extremes, launching Memoji! Memoji is coming later this year with iOS 12 but if you are willing to risk it for the brisket, there are ways you can get access to the developer beta today. I personally will be waiting, as I haven’t had the best experience using developer betas with my previous devices. So let’s dive a little deeper into Apple’s newest technology.

What is Memoji?

Memoji is essentially an extension of the Animoji that is currently available on the iPhone X with a twist. Instead of choosing one of the preset animals to make your AR dreams come true, you now get to design an avatar true to you! Think of it as a 3D version of a Bitmoji! Memoji is a way you can further express yourself to your friends and family.

Where Can You Use Memoji?

When it comes to Memoji, you can use this in iMessages, as well as on Facetime. Because ya know, everyone has 32 friends that they cannot wait to Facetime with. You can also save your Memoji to post to other social media channels. I’m sure by now you’ve seen quite a few of these digital avatars dominating the Twitterverse.

When Can I Get Memoji?

Memoji, as well as a slew of other features are coming to an iOS device near you later this year. Expect to see the official launch this Fall alongside the new iPhone launch. For now, though, there are many “knock-off” apps that have surfaced on the app store that will allow you to create your own digital avatar.

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