Hey guys, I’m Nick; the new digital marketing intern at Red Shark. Working next door to the agency as a barista, I used to see the Red Shark team pretty often as they came in for coffee and went on team outings. One time I ran into them outside while observing the solar eclipse (eyes still burning).

Over the past couple of years, trying to find the right career path has been a challenge. This summer, my goal has been to expose myself to as many different career paths as possible, including communications, medical, and entrepreneurship in general.

Thanks to my office neighbor and Red Shark developer, Nikolas Kenney, I’ll get hands-on learning with coding as well! I have a background in freelance filmmaking, which I believe led me to further pursue the marketing and advertising aspect. Pursuing my interest in digital marketing ultimately led me to Red Shark.

When I’m not making or drinking coffee, I can usually be found playing guitar, reading a book, or absentmindedly browsing the web for the cheapest tickets to Europe–despite the fact that I’m a broke college kid. I also have an appreciation for Culinary Arts.

I love to cook and experiment with different ingredients using flavor bouncing techniques; a method explained by Michelin Star Chef, Grant Achatz, at a Harvard science seminar. My dream job would be a career that takes me all over the world. Cultural immersion and connection have been foundational in my life as a student.

Because digital marketing and communications are solely focused on building connections between schools, businesses, and people, I knew that I needed to explore the opportunities and possibilities available in this industry. In the meantime, I will be spending my summer days learning as much as possible from the knowledgeable team at Red Shark with maybe a few games of D&D in between.



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