Introducing Lauren: Digital Strategist | Red Shark Digital

Lauren Boyd | Digital Strategist | Red Shark Digital

My name is Lauren Boyd and I’m a new Digital Strategist at Red Shark, digital marketing agency in Greenville, NC! I am originally from Washington, NC, but now reside in the great big town of Oak City with my husband Aaron, my adorable son Owen, and our four dogs: Ellie May, Ranger, Beti, and Josie. I graduated from NC State in 2012 where I majored in Communications with a concentration in Media. Since college, I have worked in the media industry in both Raleigh and Greenville, from ad sales to social media, and everything in between. I am super excited about my new role at Red Shark, and can already tell that I’m going to love it here!


  • When asked about my favorite things, I always start with shopping as my number one! If I could get paid to shop, I WOULD. But that’s not a real thing, so oh well.
  • I am a lover of all dogs, especially my four fur babes! Ellie May is a Shih-Poo (pronounced Shit Poo – yep, it’s a real breed), Ranger and Josie are both Boykin Spaniels, and Beti is a Drathaar. We take them everywhere with us that they are allowed to go and we love them dearly! 
  • When I’m not shopping or taking silly pictures of my dogs, you can find me hanging out on some body of water – if the sun is out, consider me there! I love Rock fishing on the Roanoke River, tubing/skiing/drinking on the Pamlico River, and fishing offshore for tonight’s dinner with my hubby. 
  • I also enjoy cooking! I’m not the best cook, but Aaron says I make really good tacos and chili. Using deer meat. YUM. 


  • I don’t care much for politics. Or mean people. Or mean people who only want to argue about politics. 
  • I am weird about trying new and unusual foods. But I am working on that because I’ve found that I like most things once I give them a try. “Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”, or something like that. 
  • Not a cat person. Dogs all day, obviously!

With that being said, I can’t wait to see what my future holds at Red Shark, digital marketing agency – CHEERS!

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